General: Toilet compartments shall be Type SS-______(CS-Ceiling Stile; or FS-Floor Stile; or FF-Full Flush; or FC-Floor to Ceiling) as manufactured by American Sanitary Partition Corporation, Ocoee, FL 34761.
Materials: All steel shall be stainless steel type #304 - #4 finish. Panels over 48" wide shall be 20 gauge. Panels 48" wide and smaller and doors shall be 22 gauge. FF and FC stiles shall be 20 gauge. CS and FS stiles shall be 18 gauge.
Construction: Stiles, panels and doors shall be of stainless steel construction, laminated under pressure to a honeycomb core of correct dimension producing a stile unit of not less than 1" thick and panel and door units of not less than 1" thick. The edges of the stile. panel and door sheets shall be formed to interlock with each other, producing a rigid two-piece unit. All corners shall be welded and ground smooth. Stile, panel and door units shall be reinforced internally and pre-pierced for the application of fittings and hardware. Panels shall be attached to stiles with 3 concealed tension cleats.
Fittings: All fittings shall be stainless steel with a #4 finish and adjustable to keep stiles and panels clear from walls. Stile cover bases shall be 3" high, of No. 304 stainless steel.
Hardware: Doors shall be equipped with "Trouble-Proof" hinge set. Each hinge set shall consist of Stainless Steel with a #4 finish hinge brackets. The top pivot shall be recessed into the edge of the door 2" below the top. Heavy steel pin operating in a "Zytel" nylon cams which permit setting of the door at any desired position when door is not latched. Slide latch, combination bumper and keepers and coat hooks shall be stainless steel with #4 finish. All hardware except coat hooks shall be through bolted. One-way theft proof screws and fasteners shall be provided for all hardware. Optional Institutional or "Zamac" hardware available on request.
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